Abaya عباية Look of The Day <3

Tamara Al Gabbani Abaya

With Ramadan approaching, I always like to get some new abaya designs ready.

This time however, I really wanted to go for understated, easy wearable designs but still glamorous.

I decided to come up with a full silk abaya with accents in the inner sleeve.

On my day out wearing I bumped into Danya Bashir, also looking absolutely lovely in her abaya!

Danya is an inspiring young woman, winner of awards for change, and an abundance of love for her country Libya. Read her bio here http://danyahobba.com/

Keep tuned for the upcoming abaya collection, all designs will be posted on instagram, facebook fan page and on my website shortly.

Also coming up, will be the new Ramadan jalabiya and kaftan collection, soon to be shot and posted. Make sure to get your hands on those beauties asap!

For orders on the abaya above, please email info@tamaraalgabbani.com


  1. Hello Tamara :)!

    I love your work and enthusiasm! I closely follow your work and accomplishments and think you are a true inspiration :). Now away from the cheesy bits :P,

    I will be making my first Abaya purchase, and I would like to ask your advice,
    I am a small framed girl, not skinny though, short, fit.
    What kind of silhouette would fit smaller girls? So i don’t look like a bag.

    Will appreciate a reply :)!



  2. Hello lovely Llyssa 🙂
    you are so sweeet, thank you so much for your wonderful words.. <3
    hahahaha look like a bag! Don't worry dear, there are plenty of options out there for you.
    You are better off picking a style that is slightly more fitted, or at least taken in around the empire.
    Make sure that the abaya is not too long for you, as that tends to happen and then you end up tripping over it! You'll understand what I mean.. hahaha
    You can even purchase an abaya that is a closed one piece, so that it is more like a dress, they can actually be quite flattering. Just make sure that its fitted around your empire or at the waist.
    Hope this was helpful dear 🙂
    Let me know how it goes!!
    Warm Regards

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